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Hi folks,

The meeting is rescheduled to be at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008. ( Vince can you ack....)

The subject for January's meeting will be open source Linux frameworks for mobile devices, including Google's Android environment and OpenMoko. We hope to have more detailed information soon.

The newly organized HOWTO Pages Index is at long last ready for public consumption. HOWTOs hosted on this site include details on how to build a myPhone prototype and how to setup your Linux development environment.

Club members who were at a meeting this last fall might remember that Richard Hart from "The Next Step" came by to look at what was going on. Last week he filed this report (mirrored here on the KGO web site.) Thank you Richard for giving us some good coverage.

Wishing you loads of creativity and inspiration in 2008! See you soon.

Tamara Colby

" T H E E V E N T O F C R E A T I O N D I D N O T T A K E P L A C E M A N Y A E O N S A G O, A S T R O N O M I C A L L Y O R B I O L O G I C A L L Y S P E A K I N G. C R E A T I O N I S T A K I N G P L A C E E V E R Y M O M E N T O F O U R LI V E S " David Susuki


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