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Meeting Announcement



Social Networks and Everyday Life - An Overview of Network Awareness and Innovation

When most people think of social networks, they think of web sites like MySpace, but people who have never touched a computer are part of many networks. These networks affect who we are and are life experiences. New software and other techniques have allowed us to better learn how these networks affect us. This knowledge is leading to new ideas about management, business, products, innovation, organizations and more. This talk will give a basic outline of network analysis tools and findings. Finally, we will open it up for group discussion of trends in software, location-based services, games and application development.

Don Steiny is a researcher and PhD candidate at the University of Oulu, Finland. He is director of the Institute for Social Network Analysis of the Economy at Stanford. He is the author of several articles on social networks, a speaker, teacher and consultant. Don has been an invited speaker at Arts Electronica and at InfoTech in Oulu, Finland. Don has never lost his primary concern on how to build better businesses, better software and better communities and he is enthusiastic about how network awareness can aid this.

For more info on Don Steiny and his class at Stanford:

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