January 2007

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Meeting Announcement

This is the meeting announcement that went out to the SVHMPC Mailing List.


 Instructables.Com Control Tower
 2175 Monarch Street, Alameda, CA 94501
 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Tentative Agenda:

* Getting Real : Turning the HB Mobile Phone Club into a "real" organization.
* Complete Open Phone : Building an Eco-System for Application Developers
* How To Build a GSM USB Peripheral with the Telit Family of GSM Modules

Meeting Minutes

This months meeting departed dramatically from the scripted agenda. Most of the meeting was taken up by discussions of the myPhone project.

But before talking about that, thanks to the entire team at Instructables.Com and Squid Labs for hosting our meeting. They even bought us Pizza!

Also.. James Young recorded some of the meeting and will be making it available online.

The meeting was essentially a continuation of various email threads on the mailing list dealing with making a mobile device with a touch-screen interface. Details of what was decided have been posted in the myPhone section of the website.

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