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Heck... what is it with these spammers?

Ya' know, if they would just add their spam to the bottom of the page without killing all the existing content, I wouldn't be so ticked off.

Anyway, at one point I had the idea that I was going to add a bit to this page with the logos for the TechShop, GumStix and Instructables with a blurb that says "we gratefully acknowledge the support of these organizations..."

Let's see how long this page will last before being overrun with spam.

"How do I buy a cell phone that runs Linux?"[1]

Hmm... I think we need a bit of a cleanup on this wiki. Take a look at the Embedded Linux Wiki. I think it's setup quite nice. They referenced the ThinkWiki and the CELF Public Wiki. Personally, however, I think the CELF Public Wiki is pretty bad.


Can we get this article and talk page protected against edits by people who haven't logged in?