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One Phone To Rule Them All, One Ringtone To Find Them, One Carrier to Find Them All, And To The Service Plan Bind Them.

The Homebrew Mobile Phone Club

Welcome to the "HBMobile Wiki." This is the main wiki site where members of the Homebrew Mobile Phone Club share information about plans, projects, meetings and musings. There's no fee to participate, and except for spammers and defacers, we welcome most any input. Much of our content is technical, but you don't have to be an über-engineer to participate; part of what we're all about is enabling people to build mobile devices that meet their special needs. So if you have a special need that you've not heard anyone talk about, pipe up and let us know. To experiment with this wiki try Sandbox. See the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.

News and Events

The hosting for (the webserver) & (the mailing list) hit a snarl. Adrian's started a hbmobile mailing list at Google Groups, & James opened a mirror of Pass along the new sites!

The most recent meeting was at 6:30PM on March 12th, 2008 at The Computer History Museum. Mark Wood talked about the Cell Broadcast System, & we showed off the latest myPhone. Audio & video of Mark Wood's presentation has been posted.

The newly organized HOWTO Pages Index is at long last ready for public consumption. HOWTOs hosted on this site include details on how to build a myPhone prototype and how to setup your Linux development environment.

Club members who were at a meeting this last fall might remember that Richard Hart from "The Next Step" came by to look at what was going on. He filed this report (mirrored here on the KGO web site.)


Administrivia and Background

Following some suspicious activity, I'm disabling image uploads for now. I could reinstate that given a reason - just contact me or leave a message on my talk page. - Pronoiac 19:31, 5 July 2010 (UTC)


The Homebrew Mobile Phone Club gratefully acknowledges the kind support of the TechShop and GumStix. Thanks to these organizations, we're able to make our dreams solid.