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One Phone To Rule Them All, One Ringtone To Find Them, One Carrier to Find Them All, And To The Service Plan Bind Them.


About Me

I'm Matt Hamrick, the organizer of most of the club meetings. Not too much else to say, really. You can reach me via email at [ta] gmail [tod] com.

Project Blog

January 2007

Sunday, 2007-01-28 
Got my reflow griddle working. Pictures of the thing can be found at Still working on making Eagle CAD "work for me." It came up on MacOS X with no problem, but I'm going to have to do a little digging to find the library parts I need.
Saturday, 2007-01-27 
Working on myPhone breakout board. The idea is this is a simple board with surface mount pads that connect through-holes to standard connectors for the LCD, LCD Backlight, touch panel, GumStix, Telit module, USB connector and stereo in/out jacks. It's intended to be "just enough" to give us something to work with for the next couple of weeks (and it's going to be my introduction to Eagle CAD.)
Wednesday, 2007-01-24 
Very good club meeting hosted by Instructables.Com. We agree'd on which LCD, touchscreen, GumStix module to use. I think we eventually want to use the GSMStix, when they're available, but will be moving forward with the Telit module for the time being.

April 2007

Tuesday, 2007-04-10 
I was chatting with Adrian about getting GumStix stuff working with the Mac. I tried this earlier and eventually gave up. But chatting about it gave me an excuse to try again. So here's the GumStix Software Development with MacOS page.
Friday, 2007-04-13 
In response to a brief article by Brad Smith about Palm and Linux, I penned this response. A couple people thought it was a good description of what we're trying to accomplish, so I cleaned it up a bit, and posted it here.
Tuesday, 2007-04-17 
Added SpamBlackList module. I hope it works.
Tuesday, 2007-04-17 
Hmm, I should probably start documenting 003.

June 2007

Friday, 2007-06-08 
Steve Colby made the very important point that we should start distributing "Tech Notes" to establish prior art for concepts we're not going to patent. I remember IBM used to have such a series, but I didn't realize it was for this purpose.
Sunday, 2007-06-10 
Jowles UI Elements begun. Uploaded ringtoneseal.gif that I generated at

September 2007

Thursday, 2007-09-27 
Let's start documenting our organizational plans here: Organizational Plans .
Sunday, 2007-09-30 
Documenting how I got the ConsoleLCD-VX working.

October 2007

Tuesday, 2007-10-02 
Wrote a File:Fbtest.tgz to test the frame buffer on the gumstix. Still investigating directfb.
Friday, 2007-10-05 
Documenting stuff I did to get FBDirect to work.
Sunday, 2007-10-08 
Creating Meeting in Second Life and VMWare Image pages.

November 2007

Sunday, 2007-11-04 
Made an effort to upgrade to Media Wiki 1.11. Had some problems with the thumbnail processing stuff, so had to punt. Added some information to the google code wiki. Autotoolized the source. Made an "eclipse branch" so I could pretend to be an eclipse user using the system.
Monday, 2007-11-05 
I should update the VMWare Image page.
Saturday, 2007-11-10 
I want to reorganize the "HOWTO's." The first I'm going to do is HOWTO Configure Eclipse to Work with Jowles.
Monday, 2007-11-12 
Adding the HOWTO Pages series.

December 2007

Sunday, 2007-12-09 
Added Page about CheezyRF GSM Security Research Tool
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