March 2008

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Meeting Announcement

Hello Everybody...

This is just a note to announce the March 2008 meeting of the "Homebrew Mobile Club." This month's meeting is being held in conjunction with the Emerging Communications Conference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

Our agenda for the meeting is as such:

  • Mark Wood will be talking about the Cell Broadcast System. Cell Broadcast is a technology for emergency alerts, sort of like the ability to send SMS messages to every phone on the network. The applications for Emergency Managers are clear, in times when the power grid may be on the blink, you can still get a message out via the mobile phone system. Mark is the CTO of CellCast, and lectures on Disaster Telecommunications at the University of Wisconsin. He also works with organizations such as ETSI, ITU and the Civil Emergency Alert Service Association, advising them on communications technologies for first responders.
  • We will also be showing off the latest myPhone. Adrian Cockcroft and Meadhbh Hamrick are beta testers for the latest round of Goliath boards, and they're actually looking rather good. Adrian and Meadhbh are (at this very moment) hobbling together another version of the myPhone, and should have enough software and hardware to make a phone call or two from the new devices.
  • Web services problems and migrations. For reasons that are not entirely clear, the SVHMPC list seems to have been swallowed by our hosting provider. We'll be announcing the new web services for club members: wiki, mailing list, calendar, etc.
  • As usual, we will have a robust "random discussion" session.

So, again, mark your calendars, it's:

6:30PM on March 12th at The Computer History Museum

Directions to the museum can be found at:

Once you arrive, there should be signs inside the museum lobby directing you to the meeting location.

-Cheers -Meadhbh

Meeting Minutes

Recordings of Mark Wood's presentation: