May 2007

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Meeting Announcement


Tentative Agenda

Hardware Update
Craig and Gordon over at GumStix are hard at work on the GSMStix. When it's ready it should work with the PSP landscape mode displays recently purchased en bulk. Matt and Adrian are working on an interim device to work with a portrait display and the old Telit modules.
Software Update
We're going to try to get an update on libgsmc from Dwight and maybe a few notes about its use.
Interface Update
Matt will be showing off his latest "Star Trek meets Hypercard meets Morphic" mobile interface. But don't get your hopes up too much, unless we have a breakthrough on getting the displays up and running, the interface is still only going to be viewable from a web browser on a host computer. But.. it will be able to dial the phone.
Cool User Interfaces for Mobile Devices
If we hold the meeting on the 2nd of May, we're hoping to get a number of CHI 2007 attendees (this is the ACM's Computer-Human Interaction conference.) I'm hoping to get a volunteer from this community to lead us in a group discussion (or even a presentation) on interesting aspects of mobile device interface.
The Homebrew Mobile Phone Club at the Maker Faire
We have a table at the Maker Faire and will be displaying our wares. If you want to "man the booth," we can offer you a free T-Shirt, free admission and my continuing undying gratitude.