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GSM Modules

SparkFun supports several different electronic hobbyist communities. They provide eval boards and accessories for a number of different hardware architectures. We like them because they will sell Telit GSM modules in single quantities and with USB to Serial eval boards.

Embedded Controllers

GumStix, Inc.
GumStix manufactures and sells small ARM based embedded systems for experimenters, hobbyists and companies building small-run systems. Several price-performance points are supported (meaning they have cheaper, slower modules and faster, more expensive modules.) Support for sound, networking, etc. is provided by daughter-boards. GumStix are used by a number of projects and are part of the initial TuxPhone hardware reference design.

Developers should note, however, that typical GumStix systems do not ship with LCDs. GumStix CTO Chris Hughes explains that the company received radically different LCD requirements from their customers, and they could never find a "one size fits all" solution. However, all the control lines for supporting modern LCDs are provided by the system's standard Hirose connector and the LCD page on GumStix.Org lists the steps to connect typical LCDs to the device.

Also note that GumStix has publicly announced they're working on a GSM gumstix peripheral based on the Siemens MC75 module. So fairly soon you should be able to build your own mobile wireless communication device with EDGE support. w00t!
Compulab EM-X270
Compulab makes ARM based embedded systems for VARs. They're setup for volume purchases, but there's a group order run by the Handheld Linux Shop in Germany. See their Compulab EM-X270 group purchase page for information on how to order single unit quantities from them.
Note that they're going to need people to commit to purchasing at least 100 of these units for the group order to work out. If you're interested, you'll need to hurry; the group order closes on January 31st, 2008.


When you need to connect an LCD display to your design, the folks at EarthLCD can help out. They stock a wide range of LCDs and controllers.
Sharp 4.3" Display specification
This is the Sony PSP display that some of us are using to build myPhone.
Cellular Nationwide Network
These guys look to be an online retailer of surplus or factory seconds for mobile phone parts. They carry cases, LCDs, keypads and a number of other odds-n-ends. My (User:Msh) experience with them is mixed. My first order with them was filled promptly and everything arrived in reasonable time. My second order was less exciting, 36 hours after having my credit card charged, I got an email saying, "sorry, we really don't have that part in stock." I received a refund, but it was a might annoying to have to find another supplier.

Discrete Components

With a catalog the size of a phone-book, DigiKey is well known in the hobbyist and entrepreneureal communities as being a highly reliable source for everything from resistors to project enclosures.
Mouser Electronics
With a catalog the size of a small phone-book, Mouser is also well known amongst hobbyists, hackers and prototypers.
Jameco Electronics
Jameco is yet another supplier of small components for people working on electronics projects.
Anchor Electroncs
Persons in Silicon Valley looking for that last minute part may want to visit Anchor Electronics. Their store-front is at 2040 Walsh Avenue Santa Clara, CA. 95050. Their catalog indicates they have a reasonably wide selection of surface mount and through-hole components, ICs, boards, etc. They can also be reached via telephone at +1.408.727.3693.
HSC Electronic Supply
A SiliValley standard for decades, "Halted" has a strange mix of parts and supplies. They have a reliable selection of nuts, bolts, PCB supplies (save solder paste), and a wide (though not complete) selection of resistors, diodes, etc. They're at the corner of Lawrence and Central in Santa Clara, so if you ever get the desire to go to Fry's in Sunnyvale, go here instead. 3500 Ryder Street, Santa Clara, CA 95051, +1.408.732.1573
Surface Mount Center
If surface mount components are what you're looking for, consider the Surface Mount Center. Their store-front is at 1580 Oakland Rd # C114, San Jose, CA 95131 and their phone number is+1.408.453.2023.
µCPros Corporation
Their name pretty much says it all. They're apparently in Morgan Hill, but they have no store-front, so orders would be handled primarily on their website.